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Fish don’t watch TV

Every year as spring approaches the winter ice flow pushes litter that laid deep beneath the water, leaving it exposed and raw.  The beach is lateen with trash!  The ugly truth to our unconscious actions revealed.  Instead of the inviting sands provided in the summer there is the disgusting results of our shameful activities.

In 2009 while visiting a favorite spot our family found an old TV screen on the beach.  The plastic sides encased in Zebra Muscles making it look like a trinket from an ocean gift shop!  Sadly this is what is in our Great Lake waters.

I wonder how it ever it made into the water, or better yet, who would have thrown it away when it could have been recycled properly.  Was it all together when they tossed it into the water?  The prevalence of garbage on the beaches after the winter thaw is always disheartening.  The amount of plastics we find is increasing each year.

Our family tries to help clean up the areas where we visit.  Taking along a bag of our own, we pick up trash and deposit into the bins for pick up. Unfortunately our bags are made of plastic too.  There doesn’t seem to be much else around these days.

I remember having the choice to have paper or plastic bags at the grocery store.  Now the push is on for adding to the income of the plastic producers as you have the option of purchasing the five cent disposable bag or the two dollar recycled plastic coated sacks to reduce the use of disposable ones.  It’s an unwinnable argument on recycling.  The plastic from the disposables make the other, but regardless of which neither will break down.

When the times come, and we finally realize the amount of garbage produced outweighs us in pounds, what will be our solution?  We’ve destroyed where we live in the name of everything we can think of, yet we’ve also tried to save it a bit at a time.  The question on my mind, will there ever be a balance?

Look around you; how many items within a three foot radius are made from plastic.  The keyboard your typing on, your mouse your navigating with, the screen you’re reading my words on, and even the speakers you’re listening to music through… all plastic.  The modern age of progress is killing us, yet I don’t believe we have the capacity to stop the evolution of destruction to our planet.  We’ve all become so technologically advanced, connected as one, that to take away the element of plastic would be like a death to our civilization.


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