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A little dose of cat hair

If we were having coffee the first thing you’d notice is our oldest cat Big Ben, or Ben for short.  I think he’s around 18-20 years old now.  We don’t know his real age because he was a rescue with a sad tale of abandonment.

Cat laying down
Ben – that adorable black mark on his nose

Don’t you worry though.  For the last 15 or so years he’s enjoyed the good life.  He’s an indoors man, who gets to bask in the warm sunlight and eat all day long.  He sleeps comfortably wherever he wishes.  He’s a talker too.  Open up a cheese slice, and he chatters non-stop.  Unfortunately he can’t have the treats like he once did, but he does manage to talk you into a just a wee bite.

Ben is a very loving cat.  The down side to his love is his thick coat.  The white hair is everywhere!  No matter how much I vacuum it still remains.  I have to warn people all the time that if they begin to pet him, they will leave with part of him.  His hair clings to everything.

We love Ben! He’s the most interesting cat in the world, and we will be sad to see the day when we have to say our good-byes to him.  Hopefully that won’t be anytime soon.


24 thoughts on “A little dose of cat hair

  1. Oh what a handsome dude, and how generous he is to share some of that gorgeous fur with all visitors! And with that delightful nose marking, I’m sure he gets lots of kisses as well.


  2. He’s beautiful, and I love that black mark on his nose. My two cats tend to shed enough for four cats and I wonder how it is they aren’t bald!


    1. Yes! When we do get a chance to brush Ben (he’s got sensitive skin, so he doesn’t like the brush) we tend to gather up 5 – 6 good balls of hair from him. He has a double coat. A thin top on and a thicker coarse underneath.


  3. Funny reading a cat post as I’ve been working my way through the A-Z Challenge and the thing between cats and dogs has been an undercurrent. Representing the cats I wrote about TS Eliot and Hemingway and the dogs had Dorothy Parker, Virginia Woolf and John Updike.
    My husband is unfortunately allergic to cat hair and my daughter would love a cat. We have two dogs.
    I can relate to your thoughts about older pets. Bilbo is 10 and Lady is 3. We adopted Lady 2 years ago as Bilbo was fading but her arrival gave him a serious second wind and he lost about 15 kilos and is now chasing his ball around the beach like a pup. Well, at least in his own mind.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


    1. We have a younger cat, Truffles and she does put the run to Ben every once in awhile. I’m not sure if she’s just antagonizing him or playing. Sometimes I have to break up their fun.

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  4. I’ve always hat cats. A few years ago, my kitty died and I found it very difficult to replace her. Finally, I did after about four years. Then I found out that all of my congestion was because I was allergic to the new kitty. She now lives at my daughter’s house.


    1. Thank you Maggie. We have two other pets. The smaller cat you see hiding in the jeans, is Truffles. She’s about 4 now. We also have a nice little dog called Maggie May.

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      1. Well that’s better than attacking them at least. It’s nice to have an affectionate cat. I have clear memories of being sat at a friends house and just feeling pain as her kitten decided to use my leg as a climbing post.


  5. I think the cat hair also hides in corners and under furniture, waiting to leap out as soon as the vacuum is stowed away. That’s been my experience, anyway. Long life and good health to Big Ben.


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