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The 5K Mother’s Day gift

If we were having coffee you’d see me stressing over the money being spent today as I listen to the roofers banging away while they fix up the leaking roof of our 90 year-old house.  When we purchased our home a little under ten years ago I knew it would come with some repairs; I just didn’t think the roof would be one of them so soon.

Cracking and peeling ceiling

Having plaster walls we seldom give little concern to the subtle cracks that constantly appear. Last weekend though things began to look rather bleak.  When my husband and I returned from the trailer our daughter informed us that her bedroom ceiling had been leaking through the night during the heavy rainfall.

My husband had a roofer come look yesterday morning to determine where the problem might be. Upon inspection they both immediately spotted where the leaking was coming from.  Shingles were missing creating a way for the water to get in.  We don’t know how long this had been going on since spring rains have just started here, but we had been noticing shingles on the ground since last fall.  We have a neighbour with a bad roof, and assumed that they were his.  I guess we were wrong.

This isn’t the first time this old house has leaked.  We have an on going issue with the mysterious leak in the mudroom.  This roofer says he knows how to fix it though.  I’m hopeful he does.  We have already had that roof re-shingled once before.  The issue with it seems to be a result of bad flashing between the tiny roof and the house.  He assures me this will be done properly, so that there be no more waterfall effects in the doorway leading to the kitchen when the rain comes.  The dog will be thankful since that’s right where her bed is.

I’m trying my best to keep on the positive side of thinking knowing the leak is being handled before today’s rain.  Also, that as I watch the workmen outside, I feel assured that it isn’t my husband up there trying to do the repairs himself.



13 thoughts on “The 5K Mother’s Day gift

  1. I understand. We have had a number of old houses with cracks and leaks.I one of our houses I was able to see the sky through a hole in the roof in our bathroom!


    1. I’m glad it never got to that. The roofers said we were good to go structurally. Now that I have a new roof though I don’t hear the rain drops as well. They were rather soothing.


  2. Sorry to hear about your roof.. My house is 76 years old and I have the same issues with painted plastered ceilings.. sigh.. At least you’ll have the peace of mind when it’s fixed..


    1. Now that the roof is fixed, we do have to find someone who is good at patching plaster. When we bought the house the first thing we noticed were the cracks. Remember back then, we thought they added character. Now though, they are much bigger and a real eye-sore.


    1. The roofing contractor was great. He suggested a nice brown/sand colour as opposed to the old black tiles. It looks so good with our yellow house. I’m sure we will see the difference in the bills.

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