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20 Days of Inspiration #1

Day #1 – I write because…

It makes me feel connected to my spirit.  The posts I send out to the world connect to other souls, building a foundation of virtual friendships that I would never have found behind these frozen walls that I sit behind everyday.  With my writing and photography I open up myself to others.  Some criticize the topics I choose, others offer support. This is humanity at its finest.  To place ones soul out there, unprepared, unconcealed, raw and real.

Discover the Lexeme is a blog that evolved into a creature of its own.  Starting from a way to remove my writing from my older mental health page, then slowly I intertwined my photography to make it complete.

Finding a name for blog was easy.  I wanted to break down the idea of words to the most basic of structure, there introduced the idea of a new word – lexeme.

I’d never heard of such a word.  A word that sounds more like a Dr. Seuss character, but it fits perfectly for my vision.  Words can stand alone can make such a difference.  A single one can depict an emotion, a sight, a sense of wellness or just a time and place.

A photo can do the same.  Discover the Lexeme for me is my secret place.  It’s the place I share my thoughts, my dreams, my art, and everything else I feel is worthy of interest.

To me blogging is a form of vindication and preservation.  So let me ask, what fills your cup full of inspiration? #everydayinspiration

dusty amber wine glass against green wall
A question, is the glass upside down or right side up?